Can I compete as an individual or do I need to join a team?
Both individuals and teams are welcome!

What are the rules?
Rules for each version of tag will be provided at the event.

Are there referees?
We will have game facilitators at each arena to explain game rules and to help with compliance and safety.

Is TAG! dangerous?
We encourage healthy competition but games have been selected for maximum fun, not injuries.

Can anyone play?
Yes! Participants under 18 will require a parent’s signature on the waiver form.

How do you win?
Winners will be determined using various methods and will be explained by arena game facilitators.

Is TAG! like a tournament where we play and advance?
There will be a competitive arena where teams can advance but other arenas will provide fun for all and each game will reset points.

Is there a waiver?
Yes, all players will be required to sign a waiver during registration.

What are the registration fees?
Spectator age 5-17 $10; Spectator age 18+ $15; Adult player $30; Kid player $20.

What is the minimum age for playing?
5 is the minimum age for playing. Spectator passes are complimentary for kids under 5.

Will there be kids-only games?

Are there prizes?
Prizes will be awarded for TAG! games and for fundraising.

Are there rain dates?
No. TAG! is a rain or shine event.

Do I have to play every round?
Only if you want to! A game schedule will be provided on the website in April and at the event so you can plan your perfect TAG! day.

Can I bring a picnic?
Outside food and drinks are not allowed.

Can I bring my dog?
For the safety of our players, pets are not allowed.

Who can enter?
Anyone registered. Register here!

Who puts on the event and who receives the proceeds?
Marathon Kids is the producer and beneficiary of TAG!

Have a question about TAG! not answered here?
Email us at tag@marathonkids.org.