Who Can Play?

There are five game divisions to choose from:

CORPORATE | This division is for teams of co-workers and other workplace colleagues. Members should be 18+ and in fair physical condition and should be able to walk quickly, pivot around obstacles, and dodge foam projectiles.

COLLEGIATE | If you're a college student this is the division for you. Play with your fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, service org friends, etc.

COMPETITIVE / PARKOUR | This is the division for those interested in the most physical challenge, most intense obstacles, and biggest bragging rights! Players will compete against professional parkour experts in courses designed to test athletic conditioning, endurance, and strategy.

FAMILY | This division is for parents and children between ages 5-17. Players will be divided into two sub-categories based on age (5-11 and 12-17). One adult is allowed to participate with children ages 5-11 for no extra charge.

RECREATIONAL / FUN | If you're most interested in a fun way to be active and feel like a kid again for a day then jump in here.